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– Strategy
– UX, Design
– WordPress Marketing Website
– Web Application Development
– Server Scalability
– QA / User Support

From The Client:

The Big Pixel team brings a lot of experience and technical knowledge and they are willing to dig in and explore areas to resolve problems. They are great communicators with a determined work ethic to help you think ahead and to strategically plan for the next phase of your business. Big Pixel provided me not with just a transactional service but rather a big-picture plan and consultation for the road ahead.

– Anthony Risko
Founder, GrammarFlip

The Problem

GrammarFlip came to us with an interesting problem. They had built a prototype of their new English teaching service just to see if there was a market. Like many prototypes, this one was built for as little as possible by bundling together different plugins and libraries from around the web (we call these “frankenbeasts”).

Problem is… there was a market. A big one. 75,000 users and over 1 million monthly page views later the prototype was beginning to fall apart and his small servers couldn’t keep up with the demand.

The Solution

Our goal was two fold: First, stabilize and support the prototype and keep his customers happy. We did this by moving his app over to a scalable server solution through Azure. We also fixed several issues that were left over by an offshore company GrammarFlip had hired to create a payment portal.

Second, we began to design a new application that would have the same functionality as the prototype, but would be built from the ground up to be efficient and scalable.

The Result

A new platform that is expected to use 10% of the server load with the same traffic. This saves the team big money in server costs, but, more importantly, the teachers and students have a much faster (and beautiful) app to use every day.