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– Strategy & Consulting
– UX, Design
– WordPress Marketing Website
– Frontend Development

From The Client:

We’d recommend Big Pixel because we see the value that their team brings to the table with regard to 3 things:
– Creative Talent:  developing meaningful and up-to-date UI that is the “sizzle” of any product, as well as the reason that users will feel comfortable using the product.
– Technical Talent:  the “steak”….this is comfort in knowing that you have a product that is developed with the latest underlying technology; it’s not just a pretty face, it can also perform.
– Technical Knowledge – knowing that you’re working with a team that is on the cutting edge of technical issues and trends across the software industry.

– Kevin Allen
President, LobbyGuard Solutions, LLC

The Problem

With thousands of kiosks around the world and hundreds of thousands of people using their software every day, LobbyGuard is one of the premier visitor management companies in the world. Their talented development team is always looking to embrace technology that keeps them ahead.

With their constant push to add new features and capabilities the LobbyGuard team realized that all too often, the interface would take a back seat. This lead to screens that were often frustrating to use or cumbersome (or both!).

The Solution

Over the years we have worked with LobbyGuard we have helped them in many areas including:

  • Technology consulting: Big Pixel works with the LobbyGuard leadership team to introduce and explain cutting edge tech and help them understand how it can help their platform.
  • UX Design and implementation: Big Pixel designers have integrated fully into LobbyGuard’s development team to focus on constantly improving the user flow and interfaces across their software applications.

The Result

We introduced Beacons to their team as well as advancements in the mobile space.

Across their platform their user interfaces are more consistent, modern, and efficient. This new focus on design has paid dividends in happier clients.

We like to think we had a small part in LobbyGuard’s massive growth over the last two years.