We love what we do and we love who we do it for just as much. Below are just some of the projects that we have built over the years.

Wanna see more? Just ask and we can give you loads of amazing links, screenshots, testimonials, and referrals.

GrammarFlip is a new way to teach English and grammar to students of all ages. Big Pixel was brought in to build a completely new platform that would allow them to scale to support their million+ page views a month.

We designed and developed a new platform that was simpler and easier for both the admins who made the content and the students and teachers who consume it.


Mockout is a new way to enjoy the offseason anytime, anywhere. Big Pixel has been with the Mockout team since the very beginning.

From design and initial strategy, through the development of their marketing website and cross-platform mobile app, all the way to fund-raising, our team has been with them every step of the way.


Digital Bookroom Solutions (or DiBS) is an exciting new way for schools to manage their print and digital books.

Big Pixel has worked with the DiBS team for the last couple of years and have designed and built several versions of their innovative web application, iOS apps, and Chrome apps for the schools and publishers they work with.

FM:Systems is one of the largest facility management software companies in the world. We are proud to have partnered with them several times over the years on a wide variety of projects including a new cross-platform mobile app, UX consulting projects, and maintaining their legacy android applications.

Mevii is an app designed to help people with mild depression and anxiety cope and move forward.

Big Pixel worked and designed several proprietary web and mobile apps for the Mevii team. We have been proud to have worked with them for over three years.

Our services included mobile platform design and development, scalable server support through Azure, design and development of their web-based content engine affectionately named “Marvin”.