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We like to hear ourselves talk and thought that our keen insights might be helpful in some small way.

The Human Element

The land of tech and startups certainly seem to be a highlight of popular culture in 2023.

A Playbook for Effective Time Management

Have we led you astray by this title?‍Perhaps...because the truth is, there isn’t one path...

​​Turning Industry Standard on its Head in 2023

Startups in 2023 DEFINITELY have the potential to disrupt what has become the industry standard...

Doomsday Optimism in 2023

It may seem like the world is in a polycrisis...

Failure is Just the Start

In the world of startups you are only as good as your most recent idea.

Who's Your Daddy: A Guide to Networking in 2023

Networking in the new year is easier than ever before because YOU make the rules.

How to Stay in the Game and Dominate It

Build your empire- and do yourself a favor- invest in Popsocket...and perseverance.

Rebuilding Innovation One Brick at a Time

Having that once-in-a-lifetime idea that skyrockets you to fame and prestige is swell...

Managing the Space Time Continuum and Beyond

The tech workplace ecosystem is currently finding itself floating around in space awaiting some...

A Couple of Holiday Fruitcakes

The congratulations can be short lived when business owners have to mitigate the holiday slump...

Casting Your Net and Catching those Leads

When starting your own business or reentering the field after an absence it is sometimes hard to...

Mastering the Game of Leadership & Literacy in the Land of Tech and Finance

You don’t need to be a lawyer to plead the case that navigating both the tech and financial...

How Do You Transform from Being a Technician to Being a Leader?

Hey, Start-Up Business Owner! We see you! We get what it’s like to go from absolutely loving...

Sign Up for a Free Strategy Session

We love start-up companies. Their excitement is palpable. They’re made up of people who feel...

The Difference Between a Dream and a Goal is a Plan

What’s the difference between a business owner and a freelancer? A plan...

The Business of Connective Tissue w/ Shahar Keinan

In this podcast, David and Gary speak with CEO and Co Founder of POLARISqb, Shahar Keinan.

Neurodivergent Leadership w/ Peter Mann

In this episode David and Gary talk with CEO of Oransi, Peter Mann. They discuss the importance of..

The Winds of Passion and Change w/ Tim Whitney

In this episode, David and Gary talk to Tim Whitney, CEO of Tradewinds

Building Sustained Success w/ Stephen Dunn

In this episode, David and Gary interview COO of Exeter Building Company, Stephen Dunn

Policies, Practices & Procedures 101 w/ Debbie Lawrence

In this episode, David and Gary interview the Founder and CEO of Talent Forward HR, Debbie Lawrence.

Jill of All Trades w/ Linda Beneze

In this episode, David and Gary interview Linda Beneze, CRO extraordinaire and mentor to all

The Snappy Fixer w/ Adrian Rodriguez

In this Episode David and Gary talk to Adrian Rodriguez, CEO and Founder of SnapPicFix

Synergistic Synergy in a Land of Drones w/ English Sall

In this episode David and Gary chat with English Sall, CEO and Co Founder of Cymantix

Life Imitating Business, Imitating Art w/ Marc DeVincent

In this episode, David and Gary chat with Marc DeVincent, CEO and Creator of The Life Writer, Ltd.

Operational Sweat Equity w/ Tristin Sweeney

In this episode David and Gary chat with Tristin Sweeney, a Startup Operations and Product...

What’s in the Box? w/ John Starke

In this episode David and Gary chat with John Starke, CEO/Engineer/Inventor and answer that...

Picture Perfect in 2023 w/ Michael Davis

In this episode, David and Gary chat with Michael Davis, CEO of Uptone Pictures, and chat...

The Metaversal Truth w/ David A. Smith

In this episode David and Gary chat with David A. Smith, CTO of Croquet Corporation...

Strategies in Compliance & Humility w/ Aradhana Aggarwal

In this episode David and Gary chat with Aradhana Aggarwal and give startups and entrepreneurs...

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