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Understanding the Importance of LLM Evaluation

Ever wondered why checking your Language Learning Materials is such a big deal?

Grassroots Outreach: Harnessing Your Arsenal for Business Success

Businesses that thrive understand the power of grassroots outreach—the not-so-secret weapon that

Have We Overhyped AI to the Point of Burnout?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the tech world's buzzword for the past decade.

The Big Impact of Small Data: Harnessing the Power of Big Data through Custom Software Development

In the modern age of technology, the term "big data" has become a buzzword, symbolizing the immense…

Enhancing Employee Onboarding and Engagement

When was the last time you questioned how you're setting your new hires up for success?

Empowering the Future: Upskilling for Success in the 2024 Workforce

In a world where technology evolves faster than you can say…

The Power of Long-Term Strategy in Business: Turning Short-Term Losses into Long-Term Gains

Planning for the future in business is akin to mapping out a road trip to your dream destination.

The Importance of Automating Your Software Testing

Imagine a chef meticulously tasting every dish to ensure perfection before it reaches…

The Secrets to a Successful Software Project

Launching a successful software project involves more than just writing code; it's about strategic…

Optimizing Your Startups Digital Strategy in 2024

Startups are finding themselves at the epicenter of technological advancements and digital trends.

Marketing Through the Ages: The Evolution of Persuasion

In the whirlwind world of commerce, the sails of marketing have always been especially susceptible…

Feeling Overwhelmed at Work? Tips to Beat Corporate Mental Burnout

Looking for ways to reclaim your peace of mind in the workplace? You’re not alone. It’s a common…

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Emerging Startup Business Trends in 2024 & Beyond

Are you thinking about starting your own business but not sure where to begin?

How to Find New Customers: Outbound Prospecting Made Easy

Are you struggling to scale your customer base and feel like you're repeatedly hitting a wall?

Building Your Growth Strategy w/ Margaret McNab

In this episode of the Biz/Dev podcast David and Gary team up with Margaret McNab

AI Blunders with the Biz/Dev Bro’s

In this episode, David and Gary discuss all things movies, debunking AI myths, and the latest…

Muukbang of Innovation w/ Ivan Barajas Vargas

In this episode of the Biz/Dev podcast, prepare for a Muukbang of knowledge as Ivan Barajas Vargas

Triangle Talk: Digital Dynamos w/ Brasco

In this episode of the Biz/Dev podcast we talk to the formidable team of Brasco…

Change Your Words to Change Your Worth w/ Georgia Homsany

In this episode of the Biz/Dev podcast things get down right toasty- burnt that is…

Turbocharge Your Success w/ Eric Boggs

In this episode of the Biz/Dev podcast, we chat with the larger-than-life, Raleigh superstar…

The Commodity of an Incentivized Workforce w/ John Matthews

In this episode, David and Gary talk about where to find the best slice of pizza in the country…

Fractional Marketing Talent w/ Cara Bedford

In this episode of the Biz/Dev podcast we go INTERNATIONAL – Canada that is…

Knowing When to Put a Ring on It w/ James Lezzer

In this episode, David and Gary talk about Partnership with the VP of Strategic Partnerships

The Boss of Brand Engagement w/ Bill Harper

In this episode David and Gary are enamored with guest Bill Harper, the CEO and Founder of BrandBoss

The Secret Sauce to Sales in 2024 w/ Alex Levin

In this episode, David and Gary speak to Alex Levin, the CEO and Co-Founder of

Throwback Podcast: Is it Time to Update Your Software w/ Biz/Dev Podcast

In this throwback episode we discuss the importance of knowing when to hold'em and knowing when to…

Shakespearean Sonnets Bot Style w/ The Biz/Dev Podcast

In this episode, the OG’s of the Biz/Dev podcast are dropping all sorts of AI knowledge.

The Broad Strokes of Inspiration w/ Tina Tang

In this episode, David and Gary speak with the CEO and Co-Founder of Bristles.AI, Tina Tang.

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