About Us

At our core, we are

David Baxter
Chief Pixel / Strategist
Jen Baxter
Head Pixel Counter
Karl Schweiker
Pixel Wrangler
Gary Voigt
Head Pixel Crafter
Matt Hall
Senior Pixel Builder
Siosiua Militoni
Pixel Wrangler
Scott Bailey
Senior Pixel Builder
Elaine Aryeetey
Head Pixel Analyst
Ryan Hein
Senior Pixel Builder
Christie Pronto
Pixel Promoter

Our Values


We are always constructively honest and transparent with both clients and colleagues. This is our bedrock.

We deliver proof of our work regularly.

We are upfront and honest in all our dealings.


Our passion for our clients and technology should be obvious to everyone who encounters Big Pixel.


We strive to be fair and upfront about pricing and creating value with the treasure that our clients entrust to us. Beyond that, we are committed to creating solutions efficiently and without hidden costs.


Whether working with teammates, clients, or contractors, we treat everyone with the respect that they deserve.


Our greatest value to our clients stems from our desire to create the best version of their vision. We do this by pushing back on ideas, shaping them, and designing something better together.

Think Holistically

Hundreds of shops develop applications. Big Pixel strives to build the whole organization. Whether working with startups or larger entities, we use strategic thinking to build the right software that helps our clients grow and thrive.


At Big Pixel it is our mission to bring honor to God by using our passion for strategic design and development to help our clients grow and shape their businesses through technology.

Cranking out all the hits content.

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Our superpower is custom software development that gets it done.