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We like to hear ourselves talk and thought that our keen insights might be helpful in some small way.

The Heart of Startup Success: Investing in People

Many startups get caught up in this never-ending cycle of chasing after the next big thing.

Say What?!: Shifts in Conversation, Collaboration & Communication within the Startups of Today

The key to success lies in our ability to roll with the shifts in conversation, communication and...

The Modern Startup Gambler: Knowing When to Hold Em’ and When to Fold Em’

Welcome to the world of modern startup business finances, where we strive to be successful and roll

Friction and Fuel: A Day in the Life of Startup Success

Are you tired of throwing the kitchen sink at your startup problems

The Many Faces of an Entrepreneur: Knowing Who You Are and How to Lead

There are typically 3 distinct types of entrepreneurs.

Does Having a Fit Mentality Ensure Startup Success?

We often counsel startups at Big Pixel by presenting the idiom that startup success is not a sprint

The ABC's of Marketing your Startup to Success: Part One

In a world where attention spans are shorter than TikTok videos

Creating a Sellable Business Idea: A Key Factor for Startup Success

When it comes to launching a successful startup, having a great business idea is only one piece...

Why a Growth Mindset is Key for Startup Owners

With the fast pace of software development and ever-changing technologies

Solutions Evolve: The Age of Bad Ideas

How do leaders foster bad ideas?

The Age of Agile: Creating Efficiency in Process and Communication

Software as a Service has come a long way since the first Microsoft Driver discs, early iterations o

The Art of Slowing Down for Success

As Americans when we think about success it is typically in terms of dollars and cents. 

Information Station: The Value of Being in the Know

Knowledge is power when it comes to success in business and in this day and age - information is...

Pixel and Particle Meeting of the Minds w/ Ben Johnson

In this podcast episode, David and Gary speak with the Founder of Particle41, Ben Johnson.

The Business of Connective Tissue w/ Shahar Keinan

In this podcast, David and Gary speak with CEO and Co Founder of POLARISqb, Shahar Keinan.

Neurodivergent Leadership w/ Peter Mann

In this episode David and Gary talk with CEO of Oransi, Peter Mann. They discuss the importance of..

The Winds of Passion and Change w/ Tim Whitney

In this episode, David and Gary talk to Tim Whitney, CEO of Tradewinds

Building Sustained Success w/ Stephen Dunn

In this episode, David and Gary interview COO of Exeter Building Company, Stephen Dunn

Policies, Practices & Procedures 101 w/ Debbie Lawrence

In this episode, David and Gary interview the Founder and CEO of Talent Forward HR, Debbie Lawrence.

Jill of All Trades w/ Linda Beneze

In this episode, David and Gary interview Linda Beneze, CRO extraordinaire and mentor to all

The Snappy Fixer w/ Adrian Rodriguez

In this Episode David and Gary talk to Adrian Rodriguez, CEO and Founder of SnapPicFix

Synergistic Synergy in a Land of Drones w/ English Sall

In this episode David and Gary chat with English Sall, CEO and Co Founder of Cymantix

Life Imitating Business, Imitating Art w/ Marc DeVincent

In this episode, David and Gary chat with Marc DeVincent, CEO and Creator of The Life Writer, Ltd.

Operational Sweat Equity w/ Tristin Sweeney

In this episode David and Gary chat with Tristin Sweeney, a Startup Operations and Product...

What’s in the Box? w/ John Starke

In this episode David and Gary chat with John Starke, CEO/Engineer/Inventor and answer that...

Picture Perfect in 2023 w/ Michael Davis

In this episode, David and Gary chat with Michael Davis, CEO of Uptone Pictures, and chat...

The Metaversal Truth w/ David A. Smith

In this episode David and Gary chat with David A. Smith, CTO of Croquet Corporation...

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