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The Big Pixel team delivers on the 3 primary qualities we look for in strategic partners. They are smart, original, and authentic. Working with them is truly a joy. They are great listeners, skilled communicators, have sound business acumen, and bring creative solutions into any situation. I can't recommend them enough.

Adam Stephenson

Cary Oil

I came to Big Pixel with a raw diluted business concept. David thoroughly questioned every aspect, called out things he thought were dumb, and helped us craft what is turning into a very promising business opportunity. I consider the Big Pixel team more than developers... they have become business confidants and friends. Selecting them was the best decision I ever made!

Bob Riedlinger

Live Life LIVE!

When it comes to UX and design, Big Pixel KNOWS what they are doing. They were able to get right in our heads and deliver a UX that even we didn't know we needed!

Megan Sumrell

The Pink Bee

A wonderful company that fulfills all my needs. I like their talented team, hard work. They have wonderful tech people who knows what to do to help my business. I like their friendly behavior, good management and rapid handling of any situation. I would recommend them for your IT needs.

Moshiur Rahman

Great company, great service. It looks like they are working 24/7 - always ready for support and new things. The most important - fast understanding of the business needs and translating into a code - not many companies can do it.

Alexander Losev

I have been working with David and his Big Pixel team for several years developing our amazing new digital platform. We couldn’t be happier with the results. Big Pixel has been there – above and beyond- in every aspect of development and consulting. David and his team have guided us each step of the way and are a perfect fit to help turn our vision into reality.

Jonathan Brooks


We began working with David and his team to rebuild our website about 2 years ago. They were very knowledgeable, creative, and super easy to work with. They delivered a concept design that we loved right away and were able to work with our marketing company to get the correct SEO and information on the site. We have enjoyed the on-going relationship that has been built between us all.

Jon Currin

Currin Outdoor Living

David and team were great to work with in developing our app and related web site. The design is outstanding as well as functional.

Peter Mann

Founder, CEO Oransi

The folks at Big Pixel are good people. They have been our developers for two years, and one of the things I appreciate most about them is they are trustworthy and ethical. I recommend them if you are looking for a developer with a lot of experience and who you can trust.

Marc Mailand

Toggle Book Factory

I have used 7-8 developers over the years and can tell you first hand that finding a developer that is good at coding, design, and customer service is like finding a unicorn. Big Pixel has exceeded expectations in all three realms consistently, while continuously adapting to changes that I've asked them to make. I will continue to work with Big Pixel and proudly recommend them to anybody who asks.

Ryan Faircloth