We built the platform for an integrated growth system designed for independent commercial insurance agencies.

Project Scope

Bignition is the intuitive new system designed to help lead, teach, and assist agencies and producers in exceeding their sales goals.

Big Pixel redesigned the entire software platform, front-end, and back-end, and developed new feature sets. We also had to build secure APIs to integrate the AMS 360 insurance industry platform.

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Our Goals

We wanted to stay consistent with the newly branded aesthetic by modernizing the look and feel of the UI and UX. Create new flows that are more familiar to younger users and make them intuitive enough for power users of the previous version to pick up quickly. Add more flexible layouts and components to improve the apps' responsiveness, allowing core operations to be usable on a mobile device.

During the design process, we built a design system that included a brand-new custom icon library, typography scale, interaction standards, and shared elements library, streamlining our development efforts for the future.

Startup Consulting

UI & UX Design

Web & App Development

Business Tech Solutions


What started as a design and development stage has become a long-term relationship with the client. We continue to build new functionality and improve performance while maintaining the app.

The adoption and integration rate of the new version is highly successful,  proving to be a popular product within the industry.

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Our superpower is custom software development that gets it done.