A first-of-its-kind, comprehensive dashboard and asset tracker built for the medical gas industry.

Project Scope

Big Pixel was initially tasked with maintaining and adding a few key features to Beacon Medaes software stack. Our reliability and forward-thinking led to a collaborative partnership, ultimately expanding into developing software for a new division of the company – MyMedGas.

This new product would elevate Beacon Medaes’ reach in the market, expanding them into inventory management, asset tracking, maintenance scheduling, and even training education.

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Our Goals

We had to build a new integrated system on top of their existing stack and future-proof it for scale.

We wanted to collaborate with their team, both internationally and domestically, to establish a clean and open line of communication and reporting.

We have to keep the code nimble and sturdy enough to quickly build upon and maintain.

UI & UX Design

Web & App Development


Within the last few years, Big Pixel and Beacon Medaes have successfully launched MyMedGas and continue to improve the product.

Our design expertise has reached even further into their product lineup. We have created brochures, tradeshow booths and displays, training materials, and digital promotions.

We continue to work with Beacon Madaes and MyMedGas as technology partners. Consistently developing new features for their products and perfecting existing processes to help them gain momentum in the market.

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Great company, great service. It looks like they are working 24/7 - always ready for support and new things. The most important - fast understanding of the business needs and translating into a code - not many companies can do it.

Alexander Losev


Our superpower is custom software development that gets it done.