A dream to share a new way to teach grammar became a platform that teaches over 100,000 students worldwide.

Project Scope

GrammarFlip came to us with a working prototype and a big dream. We partnered with the founder and transformed his idea into a global platform through strategy, design, monetization consulting, and a lot of listening sprinkled with a touch of tough love.

Together, we quickly began crafting the roadmap. Plotting our course from concept to completion, marking possible hurdles and obstacles, and preparing for the destinations each route might take us.

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Our Goals

A big part of our new platform was to create an interface that would allow students and teachers to easily access and use the platform at school and home.

Provide analytics feedback to the teachers and very easy-to-consume achievements for the students.

To accomplish these goals, we had to seamlessly integrate with Google Classroom technologies.

Startup Consulting

UI & UX Design

Web & App Development


Within two years, GrammarFlip has scaled from a few hundred daily users to thousands. We have helped the team grow and adapt to burst traffic and the ability to take over 2,000 quizzes every single day.

GrammarFlip has realized that dream of teaching grammar in a new way does not show any signs of slowing down.

New features are already planned and intended to be added to the platform soon. Features that will benefit teachers and students alike.

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When I discovered the limitations of my MVP that another developer had created for me, Big Pixel came to my rescue. David and his team worked tirelessly long hours (day and night) until they could successfully stabilize my site. When I developed enough traction with customers to warrant building out a custom website application, Big Pixel took on my project with ease. What's always impressed me is David and his team's efforts to find efficiency and cost savings where possible, and never at the expense of the user's experience. I view Big Pixel as an incredibly dependable and professional team that provides excellent quality of work, and they have the flexibility and agility that a larger developer/organization lacks.

Anthony Risko

Founder, GrammarFlip

Our superpower is custom software development that gets it done.